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Self Sabotage

Do you sometimes feel that you can do better, almost as if there is an invisible barrier preventing you from reaching the outcomes you desire? Do you sometimes notice that you are sabotaging your own success? This is could be financial success, career, relationships or anything else.

Without realizing it our success is determined by the underlying ‘programs’ that is active in the subconscious mind.

Self sabotage is often linked to an underlying feeling of not being worthy. If a person feels he\she is not worthy of having that financial success or that relationship or anything else, when it does occur the inner mind will sabotage that because it is not in line with beliefs held at a very deep level. Feeling unworthy is often accompanied by a feeling of being a phony or faking it.

The primary purpose of the subconscious is to protect you and if there is for instance a strong underlying fear of failure or loss the inner mind could prevent you from achieving that so that there is no possibility of failing or losing what you have gained.

Professional Hypnosis practices assists by changing the deep underlying beliefs that is causing the self-sabotage thereby freeing your mind so that you are able to pursue your dreams without the self imposed limitations. 


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