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“NLP is nothing new. There is a saying: there is nothing new under the sun. It’s so called “patterns” have been around a long time. Much on the language use has been around at least since the time of Plato and Aristotle. Much of its “originality” is just taken from other therapists and passed off as if the co-creators invented it from scratch. As I have said earlier in my experience of helping people with the NLP therapeutic patterns is that they don’t even work on their own and especially so outside of deep hypnosis and there are better things you can do anyway. There are some pretty odd ideas that NLPers spout such as,

“There is no such thing as failure, only feedback” If you believe that you need help. I have considerable evidence that NLP was being used before the 1970’s.

NLP reminds me of “Pelmanism” – a “psychological system” that promised great riches and success in the 1920’s during the Great Depression (don’t know what was so great about it!?) There is no evidence that anyone became rich from Pelmanism or NLP, except of course the people who teach the courses.

NLP also fiddles with people’s internal pictures and “strategies”. This can be unnecessary invasive. Sometimes it is OK to tell an anxious person that those big bright scary images they see in their head are making them anxious and to shrink them and make then black and white, push them away etc. BUT it is much better for that person to learn how to relax and teach them how to get their individual needs met, then their problems just vanish by themselves 99% of the time. Happy, fulfilled people tend not to get anxious. NLP tends to deal with end results rather than causes. It is an authoritarian system of therapy whereas hypnotherapy gives choice. NLP openly programmes, hypnotherapy does not, as I’ve said it causes re-association to occur.

This is not to say NLP is devoid of truth. It has some helpful tricks but what system doesn’t? All therapeutics systems are 5-10% truth, 90-95% garbage. The NLP phobia cure is a clumsy technique compared to eliciting a symbol that represents fear and changing it to one that represents confidence. Like psychoanalyses, converts must go through “therapy” themselves. But you wouldn’t give all medicines to a well person, would you? Nor should well people undergo psychotherapy. There is something cult like about NLP with its gradings – “Practitioner,” “Master Practitioner” etc. I’ll just leave you with some food for thought: NLP is (officially) almost a half a century old, hasn’t anyone come up with anything better in 50 years? Well of course they have it just isn’t well publicised; as I have, you’ll have to look for it. One highly successful English stage hypnotist says NLP stands for Nonsensically Long Pantomime. It is.

One of the most dangerous ideas of NLP which is implicit and never fully stated is that human brains need to be improved upon: that somehow nature/God got it wrong. The brain knows how to work itself wonderfully well when your needs are met and you aren’t overly stressed. Learning how to “run your own brain” suggests the conscious mind should “mould” the subconscious to allow you to “achieve your potential” – what ever that is. Your brain was built by an ancient wisdom: don’t delude yourself you know what it should be doing – it’s like trying to control the universe”

Extract from Book: “Powerful hypnosis – Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist”