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Imagine falling asleep quickly and easily and getting a full night’s rest waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and alert. For some this is a dream, something that rarely happens.

Professional hypnosis practices can assist by programming the mind to ‘switch off’ at night and when waking up being able to easily and quickly fall asleep again. Insomnia is often caused by emotions held at a subconscious level such as fear, anger or resentment. If there is an underlying reason for not getting enough rest hypnosis practices can assist by dealing with whatever is bothering at a deeper level so that you can fall asleep and enter into a sound sleep cycle.

Insomnia is also often caused by stress or a need for completion for instance being busy at work with a project causing the mind to stay busy attempting to complete the project. Hypnosis practices can be used to assist with compartmentalizing for example leaving work related projects and concerns to be dealt with at work. 

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