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“Golden Rule: Love thy neighbour as thyself

For many this precept is complicated. How can I love my neighbour as myself if I don’t love myself? For that matter how can I love myself if I do not know myself.

Let’s use spiritual understanding to help us reveal the deepest and most concealed essence of this phase and its complexities:

With regards to knowing ourselves, some people spend a lifetime trying to get to know themselves. The truth is, we are meant to be ever evolving, changing and growing. Who we were ten years ago is certainly not who we are today, and as such to know ourselves is more journey than destination.

Furthermore, to truly love ourselves is to understand that we are divine beings. The strongest self-love is a total awe and regard for the fact that at our core we carry a spark of the Creator, which can never be belittled, tarnished or torn asunder. It is with a deep respect for Light within ourselves and others that we can begin to love.

Most importantly, for me, the times I have learned the most about who I am were not in moments of self-contemplation or even meditation, I discovered more and more when I stop so much on myself, and I start fixing my intention on how I can share my Light with others. The mind can become so heavy with worries, doubts, and anxieties, that at times it can feel impossible to defeat negative thoughts. Yet, the moment I busy myself with loving my neighbour – finding genuine ways to share more and care deeper, go further in the extra mile – I step out of my head space all together. The headaches dissipate. Worries are washed away. The darkness in our own lives is banished by the Light that we turn on for another. By sharing with, thus loving, our fellow beings, we are in the most profound of ways sharing with and loving ourselves.

In this way, we can see that the Creator is not giving us a rule at all, but a circuitry for how to derive the most joy in life. Note the structure of the sentence, the first part of the phrase asks us to love others, while the second suggest that we do so as we love ourselves.

Loving our neighbour is how we discover our own divinity and in turn our connection to the Light. To love thy neighbour as thyself is the key that unlocks the greatest of treasures: The bounty of fulfilment which the Creator seeks only to impart on us.”

Extract from Karen Berg

Director, Kabbalah Centre